Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Girls Hair Bow Holder

I know projects like these have been floating around in blogland for probably a year now (I'm a little late to the blog party!!) but I just made a couple of these and thought I would share, in case this is a new idea for some of you. This would be perfect for a baby gift, or for that special little girl in your life!

My daughter has a lot of hairbows.  They are all in a cute pink box. Or supposed to be anyway. I would love to say that the pairs of these bows are together in the box and always easily accessible.  But that would be a lie.
I saw this idea and was immediately excited to make one of my own! Here's to hoping for more organization.

I went to the local thrift shop and found a frame. I wanted one big enough to fit a lot of bows. I looked for a really gaudy, gobby, textured frame, but this was the best I could find.  Either people are hanging on to their ugly frames, or the majority of frames being made now are more simple!

 I removed extra staples, etc or anything that may be on the back or center of the frame, and spray painted it white.  I only did one coat, because I liked how I could still see a little of the gold peeking through. 
 Here is a close-up of the frame.  It has decent texture, and I do like the darker color  underneath.

I probably should have stopped here--I think I like this look the best, but I decided to add a little dark glaze to it to antique it a bit more.

I used an old rag, and rubbed a little glaze around some parts of the frame to achieve the look I wanted.  Then I sanded it a little.....as I said above, I think I liked it best before I put the glaze on, but it turned out okay!
 Next, I chose what color ribbon I wanted and cut a few strips.  I hot glued them on each end, pulling the ribbon tight before gluing it down.

 Next, I added a sawtooth hanger to the back. These are nice too, if you're like me and *don't measure exactly right* to the center. These babies will still allow you to hang a straight frame!!

Those little nails they come with are really little so I used a bigger nail to make a hole, then I pounded in those small nails. (I'm not very handy, I know)

 Viola!  I was able to finish this whole project in just over an hour (including my time to run to the thrift store and back!!) 

Here is a pink and brown one I whipped up as a gift for my friend who is expecting a girl in June

This would be such a fun gift to give at a shower! Even better if you include some hair accessories with it!

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Kelly Goodrich said...

That's so cute! If I ever have a little girl I'm definitely making me one of those!

Jena Allison said...

I love these! A cousin of mine made one too, but kept the back on and just added some fabric to it. I made one with a white frame and pink/white stripe fabric and white ribbon. Now if only I could get my little girl to keep all those bows in!

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