Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Candy Jars

For many people, Easter = Candy.  Right? I just loved this idea for candy jars and immediately scoured the refrigerator for jars to use. 
I used a pickle jar and a Tostitos salsa jar for the tops and a candle holder and a votive flipped upside down for the bottom.  (These were purchased at Dollar Tree).  Wash out jars and remove the labels. (Wash them better than you think you need to.....my friend told me my candy still smelled like pickles!) Using spray or craft paint, paint the lids and candle holders.  I then used a strong glue to hook it all together and, Voila!  So cute!! I just may have to make some in different colors for every holiday.  Combined with my Egg picture and my Spring Blocks I am pretty excited about my new decorations! 
Happy Easter!

 And, if you wonder if the kids ever notice the crafts you make or decorations you put up....they do if candy is involved!! I swear they have some kind of radar!

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Jori said...

Wow!!! everything turned out SO cute! Thank you for linking my post. I love your framed eggs, they look fantastic. You are so right I sent my jars through the dishwasher, before I painted them, and my family has been gagging saying the candy tastes like pickles. Ha! just as well, we eat WAY too much candy around here. Have a great day!! xoxo

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