Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Spring Cupcakes

Easter weekend is practically here!! Think these guys will be a welcome addition to our family dinner!? I love to decorate with candy, and these do not disappoint.  They are easy to throw together using a few ingredients. 

Bunny cupcake:
White frosted cupcake
White coconut
1 large marshmallow cut in half (for ears)
1 small marshmallow cut in half (for the face fluff under the nose)
2 chocolate chips (for eyes)
pink Starburst or heart shaped runt (can I use that in the singular sense?)
I used a toothpick broken in half to attach each ear.  I used chocolate frosting in a baggie to pipe the whiskers.

Easter Chick cupcake:
White frosted cupcake
Coconut colored yellow
2 chocolate chips (eyes)
Orange Starburst molded like a beak
red m&m for top thingy
         (I know that baby chicks, which are normally associated with Easter don't have this comb yet, but I   
          wanted to add it anyway. *Shrug*)

 Lamb cupcake:
Chocolate covered cupcake
Mini marshmallow cut in half or thirds (my marshmallows happened to be stale, which may have made it easier to cut!! Less sticky anyway...)
1 large marshmallow cut in half, then that circle cut diagonally (clear as mud?) for ears

 **this is the cupcake I made three times and am still not sure I like!! It bears a resemblance to the cartoon character "Shawn the Sheep" more than a cute Easter lamb.  But using white frosting underneath was really light and white.  I'm not sure.  Let me know if you make anything that works! ***

Bluebird Cupcake: 
White frosted cupcake
Blue colored coconut
2 chocolate chips (eyes)
Starburst shaped into a beak (put in microwave for 10 seconds if it is too hard to shape)

Have a very Happy Easter!!

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Sandra said...

So funny that I should have arrived upon your blog and this post. I was just at the grocery store today and thought of making pretty Easter cupcakes, but had no idea how I would make the "fur",ie. the coconut, into colours, such as the blue and yellow. And here you describe evertything perfectly, so thank you, and happy Easter!

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