Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick and easy Easter Decor

Pink. Yellow. Purple. Pastel colors in abundance.  It might get to be too much for some people. 
 Enter sleek, cool, sophisticated gray combined with said pastel colors and we have, well, this amazing idea. 

I'm a little late getting into the Easter swing of things--it is NEXT week!! But perusing around blogland I found some super cute decorations that come together very quickly.  Always a good thing, right?

I found this awesomely ugly frame at a thrift store for $1.00.  Not a great color, but I LOVE the corner design.  A quick coat of spray paint does the trick every time.

I ran to Dollar Tree to pick up these adorable glitter eggs.  Seriously, I saw this idea late at night, and I could hardly wait until Dollar Tree opened the next morning so I could get started.  Like, I almost couldn't sleep.  I know, I'm weird.

Just pull out the little strings and hot glue them onto some cardstock sized to fit into the frame.  That was easy!

Since I had a few eggs left over, I grabbed some of the curly twigs floating around my house (my husband loves these) and made this happy little tree :)
                       Happy Decorating!!

Stay tuned next week for more decorating ideas, food and Easter treats!!
Thanks for stopping by!

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The Crafty Side Of Life said...

So cute! I'm the same way....I get excited the night before when I have certain stores to go to the next day. Not really weird, just a little weird. It must run in the family. :)
Very cute blog!
PS, you need to email me and let me know how people can describe by emails to my blog.

Jena Allison said...

I love the eggs on the twigs!!! Out of curiosity, did you glue one egg pointy side down on purpose? Sorry, it's my OCD speaking...

Amy said...

Ha ha Jena! I should have more OCD in my life...but I actually DID do it on purpose! That was my attempt at being "artsy". If I were naming it, I'd call it "Dare to be Different" !
Thanks for stopping by. I love comments!

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