Sunday, June 12, 2011

$5.00 Jewelry by Paparazzi

Things have been pretty quiet on my blog lately.  With school being over, there has not been very much quiet time around here.  It takes us a couple of weeks to get into the swing of things and get used to being around each other so much!!

The other thing that has occupied my time is I just became an Independent Consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry.  I, like many of you, sometimes cringe when the word "home party" is uttered, but just listen up for ONE minute. The thing that I really love about this company, is that the jewelry and accessories are
2--AFFORDABLE (everything is just $5.00)

Eh?  That's right. Cute and affordable. 

There are items ranging from simple

to baubly (is that a word?); 

From silver and white
to all sorts of colorful!

 There really is something for everyone and I LOVE IT!!

**I am currently booking home  parties throughout the Salt Lake Valley, Davis and Weber counties.  It is a fun, no-pressure environment and everyone goes home looking a little fancier. Let me know when you would like have yours.  You do get free jewelry when you host a party.  And I'd love to meet you :)

**I am also trying to spread the good word about joining my team!  It is a fun way to earn some money, and there are no sales pitches to give. The jewelry sells itself.  Being a fairly new company,  people are just hearing about this and are excited to come to parties and discover the joy that is affordable accessories!

**I am especially trying to recruit consultants who live OUTSIDE of UTAH.  We are trying to spread the joy all over the US.  Contact me for more information.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my schpill.  I'd love to hear from you today.

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