Monday, March 28, 2011

"8" is GREAT!! Cookie Bouquet

My son just turned 8 and that is an exciting birthday!! I wanted to make something special to give him after his baptism. I saw this cookie idea on Sugardoodle a couple of years ago, and knew it would be fun to try! 

To make the "8" cookies, just start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe.  You could also buy pre-made dough, or even the Betty Crocker mix.  I don't recommend the recipes that have sour cream in them (the softest sugar cookie recipes!) they are too soft to stay on the sticks very well.
Yummy, yes; effective, no.
Roll your dough out onto the counter
I got a paper/plastic cup and cut this shape in it. A trapezoid if you will. (Thank you Ms. Greiner, geometry teacher!)

Cut out your figure 8's by pressing the cup one way, then flipping it around matching the cut opening together.

Use a smaller circle/lid (I used a *clean* glue stick) to cut your center circles. At this point, you're probably wondering why I don't just use an "8" shaped cookie cutter. Because I don't have one, that's why! :) If you have one, great! Use it!!

Spray your cookie sheet really well. I put only about 5 cookies on at a time, and they are all at the top of the sheet, leaving room to slide the sticks in after baking. 

When you remove the cookies (don't overbake), you'll want to work fast sliding the sticks in.

I slide it all the way through the bottom circle,up until it's almost to the top circle.  I think you could probably even bake these with the sticks already in, but I've never tried it. And I'm afraid of starting a fire :)
You'll notice the circles have filled in while baking, so I had to cut them all over again with my gluestick.  This is where having only five on a sheet is helpful, as you really do need to work fast before the cookies get too cool!
Using a pancake flipper/spatula thingy carefully slide them onto a cooling rack. You can stack them up after they cool off to make room for the hot ones coming off the pan. I suggest definitely making more than you think you'll need, as some of them do break or the stick doesn't stay in very well.

When you're ready, frost away!  I usually just make a few different colors and spread on. Last time, I let the kids do them all. We just used white frosting and colored sprinkles.

To make it into a bouquet, I just squooshed some floral foam into these cute pots I found on clearance at Roberts last year.  A painted terracotta pot would also be really cute! I put some tissue paper to cover the foam, and started arranging my cookies! It added a cute touch to our dessert table and of course all the kids loved them!  I sometimes am not sure what little gift I could take when I go to a baptism, and I think this would be a huge hit! Go make some today for your favorite 8 (or 80) year old!

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Deena said...

Such a great idea! I will definitely remember this one for my next baptism! So you think that if you just soaked the dowels before hand you'd be able to bake them without catching fire? Love your ideas! Keep them coming! :)

Siri said...

What a gr"eight" idea! Love it! I need to do these for Cambrie. :)

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